Production line equipment, gypsum powder on the quality and

Production line equipment, gypsum powder on the quality and the service brand
My company in order to enhance their competitive strength, began to face the product development efforts, new product R & d give a new life, especially in the machinery and equipment manufacturing industry, in improving the details of a practical use are often a technology innovation, has great influence on the production, the industry gradually mature, we need better and more personalized products, the personality is efficient and robust.
The second half of 2011, the company increased equipment gypsum powder production line of research efforts, to provide technical talent more attractive premise recruitment industry, put forward higher incentives to product innovation, strictly regulate the scientific part of the scope of work, the intention is committed to scientific research work, and experimental design to create sufficient prerequisite for products improved.
The company will increase the gypsum powder product quality control process, company set up quality management department, has many years of production management experience in selection of the person responsible for the product quality inspection by the company leaders personally, make product quality inspection standards, in the production process and product line in strict accordance with the implementation of production process inspection and line scale comprehensive monitoring, don't promise a substandard products into the market, truly practice in regards product quality as enterprise life.
Our company workshop
The company will be more standardized service link. The new set of pre-sale, sale, after sale service standards will become the enterprise each logistics staff in the service work in the action guide, to comply with regulations, enthusiastic service, as customers for God to us, to cultivate everyone on the customer's gratitude and service spirit, place oneself in others'position for our customers. The company will pay more attention to customer service service, enhance customer service quality and quantity of service team, efficient service mode the fastest solution, to serve with sincerity, to serve the tree brand.
Heng will make full use of the electronic commerce industry, through the Internet, multi-channel display of corporate image and product, provide the gypsum powder, gypsum powder production line equipment industry the latest information to the masses of customers, with the most vivid and the most extensive information to show a real objective of our company. Will be the introduction of digestion, absorption, and advanced enterprise system sand machine the governance of science, from procurement to production, from sales to service, from the delivery to the debugging, from logistics to first-line, opening up new routes, expand new areas of!
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